King Hopkins Pet Hospital is undergoing renovations to help serve you and your furry animal family members better!
We will continue to run through these renovations as possible.

King Hopkins Pet Hospital started as King Street Cat Hospital and opened in 1995 to serve the very special needs of our feline friends. We have since expanded to care for all of your animal family members, while keeping our practice very feline friendly. We strive to create an environment that is warm and friendly for pets and their pet parents as well.

With our new renovations and equipment we can help serve you and your pet better. You can look forward to quick x-rays and blood work performed in clinic while you wait. We have also upgraded our dental x-rays. By converting them to digital we now have sharper larger images to better assess your pets teeth.

Our Hospital

Reception and Waiting Area:
Our reception area is split into two sides by a half wall to allow separation of cats and dogs. We ask that dogs come in using the ramp at the side of the building through the doggy door while cats and small mammals enter through the front parking lot door. Please keep your pets leashed or caged. If your pet isn’t cat friendly please let one of our staff members know and we will put them in a cage while you are here. Our clinic cats are not afraid of dogs.

Exam Rooms
We have three exam rooms, one for cats only, one shared with cats and small mammals and another for dogs only. Our cat rooms are designed to keep your feline friend as stress free as possible. We have happy cat pheromones diffused into the rooms and use towels on the counters to keep it cozy. Fresh catnip knots or crinkle balls are used to attempt bribery. We also have canine pheromones that we often spray onto bandannas for our nervous canine friends.

Treatment and Surgical Area:
Our treatment area, surgical room and x-ray room are all located downstairs.

New Digital X-Ray Machine! Our new digital imaging system allows for expedited diagnosis and treatment for our patients!

New Idexx ProCyte DX Machine! We have added a blood machine to our existing in house blood machines to provide further tests available in clinic. We can assess values in under 10 minutes if your pet is sick, or provide pre-surgical routine blood tests to ensure your pet is healthy enough to undergo an anesthetic just minutes before the procedure. This saves you an extra visit to the clinic before the surgical procedure.

New Digital Dental X-rays! Our new digital X-Ray plate and viewer allow us to see the images more clearly to help make sure we don’t miss anything inside your pets’ mouth!

Therapeutic Laser! Our therapeutic Laser is a surgery-free, drug-free, noninvasive treatment to reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing.