Hero of the Month

Spunky and social Millie loves sprinting after toys and children! This little Hava-Poo girl enjoys spending most of her time playing with her toys, like her lamb chop stuffed animal. Whenever she isn’t around being silly and having a blast, Millie enjoys taking the occasional pause for a snuggle session on the couch. Millie is an especially loving dog, being the adorably fluffy white shadow to your feet with the ever-so-often attack of wet puppy kisses and little nibbles!

Millie was born December 2, 2017 coming from a lovely breeder located in Oakville. Her owners Heather and Jonathon have been the proud first pet owners of Millie since she was 8 weeks old and feel that every day is a new adventure with a learning curve.

“It was really scary when Millie got sick because it made us realize just how attached she had become to our family for such a short time.” – Heather, Owner

On February 15, 2018, Millie came to King Hopkins Pet Hospital due to an Acute Renal Failure. Thankfully, Millie made a miracle breakthrough and started to improve enough from the acute kidney failure to be discharged on February 17, 2018. Ever since, Millie has been growing in to such a beautiful Hava-Poo dog.

We are proud to announce Millie as one of our King Hopkins Pet Hospital Hero’s for the Month for February 2018!

Sending our love to Millie and her family,

We’re soo happy you’re better now!


Everyone from KHPH

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