Working in a cat hospital, we see up-close the problems of pet overpopulation. Cats, in particular, tend to suffer the extremes of neglect, since they are more often than dogs let to wander unsupervised. As veterinarians, people look to us to care for these poor unwanted souls, but the reality of the matter is that the scale of the problem is far too vast, and the cost is far too great.

That is why, in July 1997, King Street Cat Hospital founded the Joey Fund for stray cats. Thanks to the generosity of other cat lovers like ourselves, we have provided shelter, food, and veterinary care to over 900 stray cats from Durham region and surrounding areas.

Rescued cats receive a full physical examination, testing for feline leukemia virus and feline AIDS, vaccination, deworming, flea treatment, and microchipping prior to adoption. Mature cats are spayed or neutered as well. Medical care, such as treatment for ear mites or upper respiratory virus, is also provided. All procedures are done at cost by King Street Cat Hospital, and the time spent by our doctors and staff in caring for and rehabilitating these cats is invaluable. The remainder of the financial costs is covered by donations and adoption fees. We also request a donation when accepting a stray cat into the Joey Fund.

If you know of a stray cat who needs help, please feel free to contact us. Please remember that we are first and foremost a veterinary hospital, and our facilities are limited. Unfortunately, we sometimes have a long waiting list, but we do try to make room in emergencies. If you would like to adopt a cat or kitten, or would like to make a donation to the Joey Fund, please contact one of our Client Services Team at(905) 665-MEOW (6369) during regular office hours.