Fun and Interest

  • LOLCATS Funny cat pictures
  • ZooCam Watch a live broadcast from various animal areas at the Toledo Zoo!


  • American Animal Hospital Association Information site for pet owners.
  • American Association of Feline Practicioners Especially for cats. The AAFP is responsible for reviewing and formulating guidelines for feline care as recommended by the foremost feline practitioners and researchers.
  • American Heartworm Society Yes, cats can get heartworm! While the incidence is lower than in dogs, the disease is much more serious as there is no treatment. Prevention is the key. Read all about it here.
  • Argus Institute Highly recommended. Provides information about the human-animal bond. Offers pet loss grief support for clients and for veterinary staff. Educational materials and articles to assist in understanding and coping with pet loss for clients, children, and
  • Companion Animal Parasite Council Highly recommended. Information on parasites in cats. Includes information on parasitic diseases, prevention and treatment, as well as the risk to humans.
  • Cornell Feline Health Center Highly Recommended. Cornell University has established the Feline Health Center for the education of veterinarians and clients alike. Extensive articles on feline diseases.
  • Healthy Cats For Life Highly recommended. Because cats like to hide their problems, they require just as much, if not more, veterinary care than their canine friends. Encourages improved health care for cats by educating clients on how to identify the subtle signs of sickne
  • Indoor Cat Initiative Highly recommended. Designed to help cat owners enrich the lives of their indoor cats. A wealth of information provided by Dr. Tony Buffington and the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Ontario Veterinary College The Ontario Veterinary College is the oldest veterinary college in the Americas. Dr. McRae is a graduate of the OVC class of 1990. Learn what it takes to become a veterinarian.
  • Ontario Veterinary Medical Association Highly recommended. Web site of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association. News, information, tips, and links.
  • Partners in Animal Health Highly recommended. Cornell Feline Health Center has done an awesome series of videos on cat health issues.
  • The CATalyst Council Highly recommended. The CATalyst Council’s vision & mission are to ensure all cats are valued & cared for as pets.
  • Toronto Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital TVEH is located in Scarborough and provides emergency and critical care 24/7. Referrals are available in Diagnostic Imaging, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Critical Care and Rehabilitation.
  • Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Toronto The VEC is located in downtown Toronto and provides 24/7 emergency and critical care. Referrals are available in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Oncology, Critical Care, Anesthesia, Dentistry, Neurology and Cardiology.
  • Veterinary Partner Highly recommended Part of the Veterinary Information Network, Veterinary Partner is a veterinarian-sponsored web site with extensive information on pet health, diseases, and behaviour.
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When we are closed, please refer to: The Animal Emergency Clinic of Durham Region: (905) 576-3031 or The Toronto Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital: (416) 247-VETS or 1-888-593-7068